Hi, I am
Xiao Tan
Hi, I am Xiao, from Hangzhou, China. I am a UX graduate student who is going to graduate from SCAD. My bachelor's degree is in computer science. I am very good at algorithm and I won the ACM-ICPC algorithm competition. When I was about to graduate, I found that I was more interested in how my code helped humans solve problems in real life, instead of designing elaborate system structures and efficient algorithms. So I went to SCAD to study interactive design. In the two years of SCAD, I learned how to analyze users and help them solve real problems from the user's perspective. I also participated in some project with a real company, like Colgate and Delta, to understood how to apply my design to the actual situation. This is me. I am Xiao. I am a UX designer and developer. I will always be alive to help people solve problems.