Electrolux is a Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer, who sells under a wide variety of brand names worldwide. As a UI/UX Intern, I work in Electrolux North America, in Charlotte, NC. We are mainly focused on two brands in America ---- Electrolux and Frigidaire. My job is to provide two different experiences for these 2 target users with different brand experience languages. Here is some of my contribution.
App Project
I was responsible for designing the interaction of both Electrolux app and Frigidaire App. Participated in flowchart refine, prototype design, and app review. After I start the project 2 months, the main designer left the company in the middle of the project. I become responsible for making prototype for stake holders, make decision on app decisions, and communicate with app engineer.Finally, I help the app project to meet the deadline. Frigidaire app is available in Appstore and Google Play now. 
Washer Project
Participated in the design of Electrolux washer panel layout. In charge of some interactive actions independently. Participated in the usability test of the washer panel, and organized the UX documents with the R&D department.

Cooking Project
I designed some interactive actions independently. Responsible for collating related interaction design documents.
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