Project Brief
Colgate came to collaborate with SCAD to design the future of oral care experiences through products & services for young adults in 2025. 
After brushing up on our research, we felt confident moving forward in conducting our own studies with locals and students who matched our target market. Through this research we were able to gain insight and confirm data. 
UX Design
The majority of our weeks were spent coming up with good ideas along with the bad. The team spent time affinitizing data and finding what would fit our design prompt best. Eventually, through our processes, we came up with concepts that answered our brief. Colgate insight HUB program is one of them.
Prototype Develop
The app was created to work alongside the hubs interface allowing for users to maintain their routines whilst travelling. It is simple to navigate and uses many the same icons as the hub display to allow for users to instinctively switch between the two devices. My job is to build this prototype to present the experience.
Interactive Video Producer
The experience video focuses on showing how Colgate insight functions during multiple different life stages and how it adapts to provide the user with the most effective and educational content. It demonstrates how the data analysis, virtual dentist and gamefication features engage with the user and provide valuable educational feedback. 
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